Party On

“I’ll be ready it in bit” called Mary

She was talking to her best friend Kate as they were getting ready to go out tonight. Makeup was everywhere as the two scrambled to look sexy. They wanted to draw attention to themselves so the boys would stare at them. Mary took one last look at herself in the mirror as Kate motioned her towards the door. It was about to be a fun night!

Once they got to the party, they were greeted at the door by a muscular man. The muscular man stared at the girls for a minute. On the outside the girls were calm but on the inside the girls started freaking out. They had the biggest crush on him but they did not know who he was.

“What is your name?” asked Mary

“It’s Pauly! Want to see me flex my muscles?”

“Yes” the girls squealed

He proceeds to flex his muscles as the girls ogled at him. Then they felt somebody grab their shoulder. It was their friend Maya. From the look on her face, the girls were heading into a perilous situation.

“Don’t talk to him. He is known to sexually assault girls!” screamed Maya

Mary and Kate swiped a quick glance at each other and walked inside. The music was blaring, the alcohol was flowing, and the people were just as crazy as ever. They make their way to the basement when all of the sudden a bubble catches Mary’s eye. The bubble pops over her head. She turns to Kate and Maya.

“Let’s go blow bubbles in the corner.”

As they were going to the corner to blow bubbles, Kate steps in something gooey. At first she thought it was a drink, then a rancid smell consumed the air around her.

“Ewwww” she squealed

The girls rush over to see what was wrong. Turn out, she stepped in poop. It was weird since there were no dogs at this party. It was even weirder that the poop weighted at least a pound. Who could possibly produce this monstrosity?

“Look out” screamed Maya.

A big, tall guy was stumbling towards them. He had the look of the devil in his eyes as he came towards the girls. The smell in the air became more rancid as the guy got closer. Turns out, it was Pauly and he was the one who pooped on the ground. He was drunk as a skunk, high as a kite, and had no control of who he was. He went over to grab Maya when all of the sudden the door swung open.

“Everybody freeze!”

Two muscular guys with look-alike police uniforms busted open the basement door. Everyone was frozen patiently waiting for the instructions except Pauly. They walked over to him, grabbed him by each arm, and hauled him away. A collective sigh of relief blew over the crowd.

“Party On” screamed the crowd

So the party went on till four in the morning. Pauly ended up getting arrested for disorderly conduct. The girls ended up getting noticed by a ton of guys. Bubbles flew everywhere. The poop was cleaned up. It ended up being a great time.

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