Welcome to my site! My name is Mary Kate Hardiman and I am a Communication Studies major here at Rowan University. Although I am a Communications major, my minor is creative writing. I enjoy writing! It is an outlet I use to express my emotions. I wanted a place where I could show off my writing but I did not know where. I decided to create this site to show people that writing is a great way to express yourself, tap into your emotions, and connect with other writers. Any genre is welcome; poetry, stories, fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, essays, speeches, and many more. This site takes all writers of all abilities. You can be one of the best writers in town or you can be just starting out. It does not matter as long as you write something. This site will also be a place where other writers can get to know each other and comment on their writing. Only nice comments or constructive criticism are allowed. Overall, the goal is to get this site to become an active member in the writing community. To do this, we will have to write and share as much as we can to ensure that we are going to be successful. Just remember all writing is good writing.

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/inwriting123