Hello! Welcome to my site! My name is Mary Kate and I am a freelance writer on my own personal blog. I love writing! It is an outlet I use to express my emotions. I wanted a place where I could show off my writing. Word Press has given me the platform to show people that writing is a great way to express yourself, tap into your emotions, and connect with other writers. I consider myself to be a free spirit who loves writing in a  wide array of genres. Poetry, stories, fiction, nonfiction, essays, and speeches are my favorites. I also love to write about a wide array of topics such as my take on social issues, music that I like, my life with Autism, and much more. I pride myself on being a well-rounded person and I want my writing to show that. I want to use my writing to connect with people and inspire others to do better in this world. I want to better my writing throughout this process. The end goal is to use this website to get a job in the freelance writing community. In the meantime, this will do.